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Pandemic degree reforms

I am in the first year (Level C) of my BA in Design. Last night the UK declared a lockdown in response to the growing numbers effected by the COVID-19 virus.

This morning we had our first online tutorial with our practical tutor Dino. We're all new to the process but it was nice to see everyone after so long.

We have been informed that our work will need to be submitted digitally around the beginning of May. Unfortunately I left Liverpool in a hurry, worried that Jersey were going to impose 14 day isolation for travellers (which they did a few days after I got home). I only had one bag booked on the flight so I packed lots of books (not my favourite ceramic workshop book though), some art supplies (although not my paints), i grabbed some clothes and off I went. I left behind my work completed to date including all my ceramics, metal and textiles. I also left behind my A1 portfolio of work which has about 12 pages of work completed. The work I have not presented within the physical portfolio is my metal and ceramics work. All my printing and textiles work is mounted and in my drawer at university. I have not figured out how to get past this but I have some images I can use of some of the work.

So my new task now, using my website already set up, is to figure out how best to present my work digitally to the university in May for grading. Here is my list to consider:

  1. Your Research - contextual, sketchbooks & technical 

  2. Your Portfolio  - mood boards, design sheets, samples, drawings, design development work 

  3. Your Products & Samples

For number 1 I am planning on uploading all this onto this blog.

For number 2 and 3 I will upload the photo's that I have onto the Portfolio section of this website. I had made a start but will need to refine it all at some point.

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