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Fifty-Seven Pieces of Me

CCA Galleries International is pleased to present Lindsay Rutter with her exhibition, Fifty-Seven  Pieces of Me. Prize winner Lindsay Rutter was awarded the Summer Prize at the Jersey Summer  Exhibition in 2019 for her piece titled Big Red and has since graduated with a First Class Honours  degree in Design from Liverpool Hope university. 

Rutter is a multidisciplinary artist working in ceramics, print and textiles. Her work is heavily  informed by her surroundings and the influence of architecture and street art can be seen in many  of her ceramic pieces. Rutter’s ceramics are experimental and varied combining ancient processes  with modern techniques. Maiolica glazing techniques that date back to the 13th century are used  alongside experimental techniques like slip casting found objects such as bolts, pegs and milk bottles  to create the combinations seen in Rutter’s inquisitive approach to ceramics. The use of 24 carat  gold is a decorative technique often seen in antique ceramics from around the world and Rutter’s  use of it creates a curious conversation between the finery seen in those and the more free and  intuitive techniques used in her work. This is seen in the ingot-like objects on the side of I Think of  You which appear alongside hand written verses of Rutter’s poetry. Spoken word became an  important form of expression of thought for the artist after attending poetry recitals in Liverpool,  and later performing herself. 


Always underpinned with personal story telling, the need to share her narrative becomes a crucial  tether to guide the viewer through the exhibition. Experimentation and research are fundamental  parts of Rutter’s process. The works shown in this exhibition are the accents taken from a host of  

machetes, sketchbooks, collages and drawings which alone sometimes appear impenetrable but  together are summative of the artist’s thinking process and displaying that as a story. 

Fifty Seven Pieces of Me sees Rutter’s style presented in complete honesty; equal parts delicate and  raw, the varying techniques all part of her practice shown across a range of free standing and wall  mounted displays, always candidly open and inviting the viewer in to her narrative which shows little  separation between artist and artwork. 

Lindsay Rutter is among just 35 international artists currently showing in the UK in the group  exhibition Welcome to My World – an exhibition of work by artists who use ceramics to construct  and display artwork with a political, cultural or personal narrative.

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