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Mould Making Masterclass with Ed Bentley

In January I attended the first of three workshops with Ed Bentley

I had been considering the empty plastic milk bottles that were piling up in my recycling pile. With previous work I had enjoyed the process of considering a "handle" in its own right, and I was drawn to the handle of a particular milk bottle - The BOB 2 litre bottle by Arla Dairy

When Ed asked what I wanted to work on, I told him about my little handle obsession. He seemed to be up for a challenge so we went about working on a mould that I could use for slip casting.

We started by making the milk bottle handle. It was tricky to figure out how the mould would look at the end but we got there!

The next challenge was to make a cone piece that I could cast multiples of and join together. For this mould we used the turning lathe.

Check out my portfolio to see the final results when they're finished.

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